19-Inch Steinbach Herr Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

$ 245.00

Kurt Adler Steinbach Herr Drosselmeyer nutcracker is wearing a long, shiny black jacket; on both sides of the collar of the jacket are three layered pleats. The bottom pleat is a shiny blue color with a black intricate design, the middle pleat is the shiny black color of the jacket and the top pleat matches the first pleat. Under his jacket he sports a navy vest fastened with a gold button. Herr Drosselmeyer is also wearing a black top hat accented with gold stars and a black eye patch. He is holding a gold clock in one hand and a miniature classic looking nutcracker in the other. Like all Steinbach creations, he is crafted in Germany with the finest attention to detail.

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