36“ Hollywood Nutcrackers™ Gingerbread Chef Nutcracker

$ 1,478.30

Hollywood™ Nutcrackers is a whimsical collection of nutcrackers created exclusively for Kurt S. Adler, Inc. and features an assortment of designs that put a unique, vibrant, memorable twist on traditional nutcrackers. This 36-Inch Hollywood™ Gingerbread Chef Nutcracker is an expert gingerbread baker, and standing at 3-feet tall, he can almost lend a hand! This gingerbread chef nutcracker is standing on a cookie sandwich stand in front of a gingerbread house, wearing checkered pants, an apron with a gingerbread man poking out, and a chef's hat with a gingerbread man attached. He is holding a rolling pin in his left hand and another gingerbread house in his right. This nutcracker is a standout piece for any kitchen or sweet theme décor!

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