8-Inch Alley Cats Resin Chita Dusting Figurine

$ 40.00

Alley Cats, designed by Margaret Le Van, is a collection of Feline Divas and Glamour Pusses designed in humor and high fashion. Introduced in 2003, these diva kitty table pieces like to perform everyday chores designed to the nines, often with a cocktail in hand. This 8" Resin Alley Cats Chita Dusting Table piece is a fun way to add to the holiday decor of your trendy female friends and family members! Designed in a fun, bright yellow, Green, blue and Red designs, bright jewelry and high heeled sandals, this diva is holding a Red feather duster, a margarita, and is standing next to a yellow umbrella and a Multi-Colored striped bucket.

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