Steinbach 12 Days of Christmas Musical Nutcracker Part 10

$ 362.50

This Kurt Adler 17-inch 12 Days of Christmas Musical Nutcracker is wearing a vibrant red outfit with an elegant gold design painted on the front. This gold design matches nicely with his beautiful cape; the red cape is outlined with white plush material, while the inside of the cape is ivory with intricate gold designs. This fancy Santa Claus also has a black rectangular belt buckle around his red attire that is outlined with rhinestones. He wears a wreath-like crown that is accented with red gems. Santa stands on a circular red platform with his bag of presents nearby. The 12 Days of Christmas book peeks out of the red velvet bag. To the left of the bag sits a numbered block pyramid. To complete the 12 Days of Christmas look, the nutcracker is holding a pear tree with a grey partridge sitting on the top. Like all Steinbach creations, he is crafted in Germany with the finest attention to detail.

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